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Similarly, if part of the argument was over a bank account, Legal Aid will want repaying if there is a successful outcome with a value over £5,000. Let me give you a scenario. A couple are getting divorced and they are arguing over who owns the £50,000 in a bank account. The funded party claims that 50% of the money is theirs and the non-funded party is claiming that all the money belongs to them. The matter goes to court and the court decides that the money should be split 50/50 and awards £25,000 to the funded person. The bill for arguing litigation was £10,000.

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The board would want £10,000 of the £25,000.00 that was awarded leaving the legal aided person with only £15,000 out of the £25,000. Ouch! With regards to the exemption, if the amount that was being argued over was £10,000 and the award was 50/50 then half of £10,000.00 being argued over (assuming 50/50) is £5,000.00. There is a £5,000.00 exemption ring fenced and therefore the board would get nothing.

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Talk with your local branch banks. Credit unions are another great route to take and you should explore membership with a credit union to have more options open to you. The small, local branches are often more inclined to work with someone who has credit challenges. There is something special about the small-town effect when it comes to your relationship with the bankers.

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