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On this day a year ago, Aten Design Group hosted a funeral for IE6 in Denver, Colorado. We heard about it and sent flowers. While the funeral gave a strong indication of the desire to rid the world of IE6, the browser still has a presence. So today, we bring you the next step in our mission to see IE6 gone for good. To demonstrate our commitment to getting rid of IE6, we’re launching a website called ie6countdown.com.

Now that it’s 2011, IE6 is officially a ten-year old browser. According to Net Applications, IE6 still has 12% share worldwide. Our goal is to get this share under 1% worldwide. Why 1%? We realize that there might not a magic number for when web developers and IT pros can drop support for older browsers, but we believe that 1% will allow more sites and IT pros worldwide to make IE6 a low-priority browser – meaning you don’t have to invest as much time in updates or fixes. We recognize that IE6 usage varies depending on where you live, so ie6countdown.com includes the details of IE6 share by country. We will update the site’s stats on a monthly basis and celebrate as countries dip under the 1% mark!

We know that many IE6 users are on the older browser because it’s at their workplace. We’ve put together some resources for IT pros to help understand the business value of moving off IE6 and are delivering to them the tools to help them navigate the process. And, with the assets provided on ie6countdown.com, we’re encouraging developers around the world to spread the word by placing an upgrade notification to IE6 users on their website. Top websites, like CNET, have already done this on their website, and other sites, like Meebo and MSN, are launching upgrade notifications soon.

We’re inviting everyone to share this site with friends, acquaintances, clients, and IT admins to see for themselves why even Microsoft thinks the world would be better off without IE6. Please join us in tracking the progress as we count down the market share of IE6.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, IE6 was a great browser for its time, but we all need the web to move forward. Visit ie6countdown.com today, and help us say farewell to IE6!


Roger Capriotti
Director, Internet Explorer Product Marketing

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Temboo: Visual programming environment for rapidly developing applications |
Site24x7: Online website monitoring service |
Conduit: Customized components |
Alcatel-Lucent: Application developer platform |
Medill School of Journalism: Digital journalism programs |
Skytap: Cloud solutions for enterprises and ISVs |
BTBuckets: Free personalization and on-site behavioral targeting tool |
Mashery: API management services |
SES London Conference & Expo: Search and social marketing conference |
StrataScale: Server and cloud hosting solutions |
WatchMouse: Monitor Website Performance and Functionality |
SendGrid: Cloud-based email delivery service |
SES New York Conference & Expo: Search and social marketing conference |
Crowd Science: Demographic data |
Toopia: Our iPhone app developer


Temboo's visual programming environment provides a framework for rapidly developing applications that seamlessly incorporate a myriad of internet apps and services. Try Temboo out with your databases, web service APIs, messaging platforms or even desktop applications. Your solutions are run on demand from Temboo's own secure web platform, freeing you to develop without worrying about deployment or hardware configuration. Total data interoperability has arrived! Visit Temboo.com to learn more. Temboo: Programming the Cloud©.

Sign up today for a free 30 day trial!

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Site24x7, an online website monitoring service which allows users to monitor their website, web application and online web transactions. Users can get instant alerts when their website goes down. Site24x7 allows monitoring from across 25+ global locations.

Site24x7 pricing starts from $1/Month/URL. Sign-up for a 15-day Free Trial!

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Conduit enables Web publishers to distribute their offerings both directly and through its global network of 250,000 publishers and their 170 million users. The Conduit platform is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to offer the best of your site through apps or a Community Toolbar, sending desktop alerts to your users, and much more.

The Conduit platform opens a new world of content sharing. Your site visitors can add your content right to their browser by clicking on a branded 2go button that you place on your site. You can also share your content in the Conduit App Marketplace where all the publishers and users in the Conduit network can grab it.

The platform has been adopted by major brands such as Fox News, iWin, Major League Baseball, TechCrunch, and Travelocity, as well as thousands of small and medium organizations in 120 countries.

If you would like to Conduit your website, go to www.conduit.com.

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Alcatel-Lucent, one of the largest innovation powerhouses in the communications industry, is turning the network into a powerful platform for developers.

With the launch of the Alcatel-Lucent Developer Platform, the company provides service providers and enterprises with tools that enable third-party developers to build, test, manage and distribute applications across networks, including television, broadband Internet and mobile. Alcatel-Lucent's introduction of a radical new business model combines network APIs with other third-party APIs, and opens revenue sharing opportunities to support developers in their pre-revenue wallets and provides an additional revenue channel for service providers.

The developer platform is part of a larger push by the company to combine the trusted capabilities of service providers with the speed and innovation of the Web.

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Medill School of Journalism

The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University offers programs that combine the enduring skills and values of journalism with new techniques and knowledge that are essential to thrive in a digital world. You might have a passion for creating finely crafted prose, or for telling stories using visual tools. Maybe you are invigorated by the possibilities of interactive publishing, or by videography for the small screen. Maybe you are an experienced professional looking to renew and retool your multimedia skills. You can find your niche in Medill's graduate journalism program.

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Skytap provides cloud automation solutions for enterprises and software vendors to develop, test, migrate, evaluate, demo, and train on new and existing applications in the cloud. Skytap Cloud is ideal for distributed Dev/Test, Training and Sales Demo teams. Teams are empowered to:

  • Create multiple cloud environments in seconds

  • Run existing applications without any code changes

  • Deploy virtual data centers, take snapshots and collaborate

  • Accelerate bug resolution cycles by 75%

  • Reduce operating costs by 70% annually

Customers of all sizes can deploy Skytap in a day. Try Skytap for free.

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BTBuckets is a free personalization and on-site behavioral targeting tool that allows websites to increase engagement and ultimately maximize conversion rate optimization (CRO) by clustering and targeting specific user groups. With a simple installation process (a
single tag implemented on your site's webpages just like Google Analytics), BTBuckets can update and adapt your website in real-time to create the best experience for that specific user segment without the need to change any HTML code on your website.

BTBuckets segmentation capabilities include behavioral, demographic, customer life-cycle, technographic and firmograhic. Install the BTBuckets browser extension to create segments from within the Google Analytics interface and target these users immediately.

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Mashery is a platform for Web services, allowing companies to manage their APIs using Mashery's expertise. At the "Business of APIs" conference, Mashery CEO Oren Michels explained to the audience that while APIs are a technology, their use is a business decision. He went on to say that Mashery has helped customers such as WhitePages.com, Thumbplay, Compete.com, and Calais. Check out the white paper "Five steps to scaling your business development using Web services" to discover how you can use APIs for your business.

You can find out more about APIs and their business use at www.mashery.com.

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SES London Conference & Expo: 21-25 February 2011

As search continues to evolve in new directions and marketing is becoming more like conversations, marketers are being challenged to learn how to leverage all the new forms of media and technologies. SES London is taking the lead in dissecting the new search landscape and figuring out what it means for you. We're leaving conventional thinking behind and will bring together the brightest minds in digital marketing and the veterans of search to deliver you an entirely new perspective. Providing digital marketers with the foundational know-how and the latest industry techniques - commitments we are devoted to build upon.

Session highlights:

  • Key Points in Launching a Global Website

  • Content Marketing Optimisation

  • Marketing to the European Union

  • Augmented Reality Revisited

  • Is Search Remarketing/Retartgeting Right for You?

  • Local 2.0: The Evolution of Local Search

ReadWriteWeb readers, enter RWW20 and save up to £753 when you book now through 4 February.

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StrataScale offers innovative server and cloud hosting solutions to meet the IT infrastructure needs of today's growing and established businesses. Now IT professionals can obtain affordable hosting solutions that control costs, provide agility, and supply peace of mind. Whether your hosting needs are cloud, dedicated server, or a hybrid of the two, the StrataScale complete package of on-demand solutions is easy to buy, build, manage, and scale -- all within minutes via our web portal. Every hosting environment is backed by guaranteed uptime, financial-grade security, and 24x7 engineering support.

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WatchMouse monitors website performance and functionality 24x7 from over 50 locations worldwide. Monitors for your website, server or API can be set up in minutes and provide valuable insight into how your users experience your site. Features include Multi-step Transactions, Real Browser Monitoring (including Javascript front-end), and Public Status Pages as used by ReadWriteWeb, Twitter, WordPress, bit.ly and more.

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SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service that delivers email on behalf of other companies to increase deliverability. With SendGrid, you can rest assured that your email will reach your customers' inbox. Integration takes just minutes via SMTP or can be done through a simple REST API. SendGrid can take the hassle of sending email completely out of your hands, and allow you to focus on being awesome at your core business.

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SES New York Conference & Expo, March 21-25, 2011

SES New York Conference & Expo: Search, social media, behavioral targeting, mobile, and video are just a few of the areas marketers have struggled to keep pace with within the last year. Advancements like Google Instant, Yahoo's merger with Bing, and Twitter's launch of Promoted Tweets, are just a few of the technological advancements which marketers have had to absorb.

Helping marketers keep pace with a quickly developing digital landscape, the SES Conference & Expo series brings in experts from throughout the industry, providing insight, case studies, and tangible tactics for businesses to employ.

SES New York, one of our most comprehensive shows of the year, attracts up to 6,000 attendees annually from leading brands across the business landscape. Attendees join to connect with the digital community at large, looking to build in-house skills in an array of digital marketing fields. View our agenda to discover what this year's sessions will be covering.

Early Bird Rate: SAVE up to $700 plus an additional 20% now through January 21st. Enter RWW20. Register Now!

Sessions will include:
  • Information Architecture for the Modern Website

  • Analytics RX: Just What the Doctor Ordered

  • PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display & Social

  • Crossing the Digital Divide: The Leap From Search to Display

  • Website Usability, Testing & SEO

Workshops will include:
  • Creating Social Media Strategies Using Audience Research

  • How to Architect a Search-Engine-Friendly Website

  • Getting Your In-House Search Program Up & Running

  • Google AdWords Tactics to Improve Your ROI

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Crowd Science

Crowd Science gives online publishers reports on the demographics and attitudes of their audience. We at ReadWriteWeb have signed up to this new service, because demographic data is something we've struggled to get in the past. It's important for any online business to know their audience, so Crowd Science is a welcome addition to the stats armory that most of us in the Internet biz use.

Sign up to get demographic data from Crowd Science.

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Nicolas Koenig is the developer who made our beautiful iPhone app a reality. He runs an iPhone development shop from the Netherlands called Toopia. Toopia also created the Thermometer iPhone app, which enables your iPhone or iPod touch to get the current temperature based on your location. The RWW app lets you read us on the go, follow us on Twitter, share stories on Facebook and Twitter, and browse at your leasure using Read it Later and Instapaper. Download the ReadWriteWeb iPhone application here.

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The companies above pay our rents or mortgages and we appreciate it. We hope you'll stop by their sites and see what they've got to offer.

Have you got a smart company that could use some more visits by the sophisticated readers of a blog like ReadWriteWeb's? Drop us a line and let's talk.

Thanks to all our sponsors and our readers for your support!

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